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Building  -  Lasting  - Awareness - Stamina - & Tactics

BONA Katy offers a Cross-Training class that is unique and unlike any other fitness program. We pride ourselves in pushing you to your fullest potential, in a safe, effective, supportive environment. BONA BLAST is a Cross-Training/Boot Camp style workout. Each class is led by a certified, group instructor. Every person is treated as an individual, as we all have different needs and abilities.  

Small group training allows the instructor to preserve the benefits of personal training while creating an energetic atmosphere to build camaraderie, leading to lifelong friendships. Group sessions allow us to hold one another accountable in a positive light, while having FUN and reaching our individual health goals.

Each instructor attends a yearly BLAST camp and an average of four BLAST classes per month.  

Childcare is provided from 10am-12pm Monday-Friday. This allows time to warm-up, workout, shower, cool down or just take a moment to yourself!! 

BLAST is the perfect workout program alone, or in addition to any other fitness routine you enjoy.  

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals!!

Javicz Jones (JJ) 
Brandon Christy
Ryan Metcalf 
Tammy Sabins 
Virginia Seegler - Kickboxing
Jonathan Norris 
See our Class Schedule to find out the latest class dates and times.
  • 1 Month Commitment $150
  • 6 Month Commitment $125
  • 12 Month Commitment $100
  • Training Combination $50 with any of the packages above
THE ON RAMP(Ask How to get This Free)
Thinking of entering the BLAST program? We want to help you get up to speed – and that means entering the On Ramp.

The On Ramp program consists of 3 required personal training sessions before you enter the BLAST program. These workouts include all of the following:
  1. Evaluations to assess functional movement and safety
  2. Instruction and execution of movements needed for class 
  3. Inbody Body Composition Analysis 
  4. Assessment of personal goals 
Get the training sessions done within 10 days of registering for the class, and you’ll be good to go.

The total cost of the On Ramp is $300, and that includes the first month of BLAST classes ($150 value) and the InBody Assessment ($50 value). Current BLAST members who have had a hiatus of 6 weeks or longer will be required to do the On Ramp to re-enter the BLAST program. The cost for a re-entry On Ramp is $150.
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